Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February C4K

Kids' blogs

In the first kid's blog, Adam wrote about what he learned from when his class had a Skype session with Sharky Gillian. During this session, Adam tells his readers how he learned various types of information about sharks. He then explains how sharks are being hunted down and made into soup. He continues with giving a statistic of "one hundred million sharks are killed each year and only about five humans are killed by sharks each year." If his statistic are right, it is unbelievable to think all those sharks are hunted down. Adam's blog post had lots of facts and showed how interested he was in the Skype session set up by Ms. Toal (his teacher).

In my second student's blog, Gavyn had a survey for each of the readers to fill out about themselves. I thought it was very interesting that Gavyn could collect data from the readers just by a simple Google Doc survey. I was hoping to go back and see if Gavyn did anything with all the questions and answers, but nothing so far.

Student Blog

In my third student's blog, Danny wrote about chapter two of Of Mice and Men. I am thinking the topic of this blog post was about what would he name the chapter of the book. Danny choose to name it "The Ranch". Danny explained the relationships between the two main characters and how they lived on a ranch. The two main characters names are Lennie and George. Danny explains how there is a mean boss, named Curley. Curley and Lennie get in a fight, which makes Lennie fired from his job. Danny does are wonderful job explaining the relationships and the rough times between each of them. I found this post to me a refresher, helping me remember exactly what happens in Of Mice and Men .

In my final student's blog, @thathippykid315, this post talks about what the student believes. What the child believes is that "the beach is not fun." He justifies his reasoning with a few examples from a trip he took with his sister. Like with all these bad experiences, such as: getting sick, to crowded, and that the water was scary, it was clear that he did not like the beach at all. I enjoy the beach, but I agree it could be over-crowded and the water is scary at times. I suggested that he should go back another times when it is not so crowded and when the water is clear enough to see his feet. The student, @thathippykid315, did a great deal on describing his experiences and focusing the reader how his emotions about the beach.

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