Friday, February 28, 2014

Blog Post #7; Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Randy Pausch

The "Last Lecture" that Pausch is known for, among many of other achievements, is not just about teaching and learning. This lecture is about breaking down the brick walls set in front of you and conquering your dreams. The viewers of this lecture heard Randy encourage all to make things happen, not just waiting around for them to be placed before you. The brick wall, Randy likes to use as a metaphor,is obstacles that come in our way and how we handle the obstacle is the true test.

Brick Walls

Randy Pausch states,"Enabling the dreams of others is even more fun." It is so rewarding to help others in their quest to reach their dreams. I imagine as I continue my own dream of becoming a teacher, it will give me a chance to help my students reach theirs. As a teacher, I will be molding and encouraging all my students to focus on education. Like Randy, I also, feel that education leads to so much more than just a diploma. Education helps to overcome those "brick walls" and opens a multitude of opportunities.

Another important lesson I learned from Randy is that teaching should be fun. Randy in his classroom for over ten years did project-based learning. Project-based learning to me is how we, as educators, keep our students interactive and wanting to continue learning.

I took a lot of tips and lessons from Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand", Randy truly lived out the meaning of this. He taught us a lot about not just teaching and learning, but also, how we should live our life. Randy Pausch died on July 27, 2008, from pancreatic cancer, at the age of 47. He left behind friends, family, and a lecture that will touch everyone who watches it.

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