Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog Post #5

Conversations with Anthony Capp

In this post assignment, Dr. Strange assigned seven videos to learn more about project-based learning and tools to help educators in the classroom. In the first two videos, Project Based Learning Part 1 and Project Based Learning Part 2, it was interesting listening to a former EDM310 student talk about how he applies the projects we are learning now into his own classroom. Anthony Capps encouraged that the projects are used to help students learn the material. These projects are how the students were introduced to the new materials, like the cultures project with the narrative skit and the boy's science project that was useful for the whole class. Capps stated in part two, "Projects create opportunities for the students to go beyond."

Project Based Learning

iCurio and Discovery Education

iCurio from my understanding is a search engine for pure educational purposes. This search engine is easy for the students to use for school projects. Then the video, Discovery Education, is website that is sourced with visuals for science and social studies related. Anthony proceeded to say that Discovery Ed. multiple media types to support the field of study. For example, if a student wanted to look up a plant not only will Discovery Ed. give a picture, but also a video of that certain plant.

The Anthony-Strange Tips for Teachers Part 1, Use Tech Don't Teach It, Additional Thoughts

In the videos, listed in the title, they all gave key tips for future educators. One tip was that educators need to learn to become flexible. To me especially as a future elementary teacher, I need to learn that lessons can change and there is always redoes (if I like the idea of the lesson, but doesn't quite work out I could fix the mistakes and try again). Another tip is that I need to embed myself with technology if I expect my students to use technology throughout year.

As a future teacher, I have so many tools that will engage my students and encourage them to go beyond just the classroom.


  1. I am very excited to put project-based learning into action. I am observing right now in a first grade classroom, where the students use Google Docs to complete questionnaires about different subjects and books. I find that even in a lower grade, such as first grade, the students use the Google Docs and SMART boards in their daily activities very awesome.