Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blog Post #6

Personal Learning Network

PLN, or Personal Learning Networks, are resources that will be used in my future teaching career. These resources can be professionals in the field, networks focused on helping teachers, and tools for students. All these resources will be used to help and provide assistance to me throughout my career. These resources are easy to come by, such as Twitter or even my professors, like Dr. Strange (@DrJohnHadley). My network is not that large right now, but it will continue to grow with more teachers I come in contact with and also, more websites that are being suggested to me.

Texting Teacher

For right now though, I love finding videos, images, audio and other great resources on TeacherTube, these will help integrate media with the lesson I am teaching. Another tool is blogging which was introduce to me through Dr. Strange and with his C4T activity, I am able to see other teachers' blog about techniques, tips, and what is going on in their classrooms, like Live the Conversation. Another resource for my PLN is Pinterest, I love this virtual sharing board, where teachers can share different crafts, SMART board activities, and even ideas for project-based learning.

I do hope to continue growing my personal learning network while here at South and also in my career. Dr. Strange tells us that we are lifetime learners, we should strive to continue to advance our knowledge.


  1. Hey Lauren, my network is not very big yet either. Like you said, it will certainly get bigger as I move on in my career. I am sure we will have many questions about our jobs in education. Questions that can be answered through our PLN's. Keep up the good work, and good luck to you in the future!

  2. Lauren,
    I can understand trying to build your social network with teachers. Meeting and talking to various teachers is such a positive experience when you are trying to become a teacher. I have used Facebook and also when I went to the various conferences I met teachers from across the United States who gave me good tips on how to teach various science subjects. I am glad you are building your teacher social circle through with numerous social networking cites. I wish you luck on your journey to becoming a teacher. I know you will more than prepared.