Thursday, April 24, 2014


C4T for April


The blog I was assigned this month was "Little Voices, Little World". This is pretty much a class blog that Mrs. Jenny sets up for the students. She likes to write a quick statement then shows a video of the student talking about what they saw like one student, Hine, saw a scary big truck. Mrs. Jenny tells us that the school has been under construction and that is why Hine saw the truck. Mrs. Jenny tells us that Hine is coming from a different school and she is learning to write simple sentences and to construct sentences. Through this video Hine shows us her improvement. The next post I saw was Leilani's story about Harold, the giraffe. Mrs. Jenny posted that the students of Class 18 are learning how to write a narrative. Mrs. Jenny post a picture of the toy giraffe that was the inspiration of the narrative and also, a video of Leilani tell her story.By far this was my favorite blog from an educator. Mrs. Jenny keeps it up-to-date and actually displays what the children are doing in the classroom.

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