Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog Post #13

Create My Own Assignment

Flipped Classroom

This week the assignment was to create my own assignment, one that I thought should be used in the EDM310 classroom. The assignment I thought should be interesting and worth exploring more is, examples of flipping a classroom. I know we have learned about the experience of a classroom that is flipped earlier in the semester, but to remind others what exactly a classroom being flipped is here is a video: Flipped Classroom. As you can see through the video, flipped classroom is having the students learn through the help of videos at home, and this allows for more individual one on one time with students if need be.

Cell vs. Virus

My assignment was for us, the students of EDM310, to pick a video and an activity for the students to do as if their classroom was flipped. Since I love science, the video I picked is centered around science,Cell VS. Virus. This is a TED-Ed video, which is a great resource to use in general for anything, but for this TED has a hyperlink to click after watching the video that takes you to a website that is centered around cells and viruses. The website is ED-TED's Cell vs. Virus,has interactive tools, such as: a short quiz, more information of cells and virus in a graphic organizer, and so on. By having the tools such as TED-ed with such interesting videos to use for a flipped classroom it will help transition students to go from a traditional classroom to an unconventional classroom.


  1. Lauren,

    I am a media specialist in Phenix City, AL, and I thought your selection of video for a flipped classroom lesson is a great choice. I really enjoyed the animations and analogy of the cell as a castle with a defense system. All the components of the cell and their jobs were so well described, and I think younger students could really get a grasp of how a cell works to defend itself against invading germs after watching this video. I also took the time to check out the additional quiz you recommended and found other resources on this page as well. Thank you for sharing. I will add this video to my set of resources for the teachers in my school.

  2. Lauren,
    Very nice blog post!! It takes a very talented person to love the subject of Science :) I hope that this assignment will be in the Master list for future EDM310 students!!

  3. Hi Lauren,

    I was also interested in the concept of the flipped classroom so it was very refreshing to see your post on the topic. I think it is a wonderful way to provide students with extra help and can be especially useful when teaching mathematics and science. Good Job!