Thursday, April 24, 2014


April's C4K


This month both of my comments were assigned from students of the PT England School. First, I would want to say both of the their blogs were great. They created their own backgrounds and really reflects their personality. This school, especially the class, has really dived into the blogging world. Each comment I did was for different weeks, but they focused on the same topic, "Native Trees". Kura showed her viewers what she learned about native trees by making a brochure. Through out the brochure she categorizes the three different trees by their environment, color, and growing conditions. Then with Tihi's post she created a Google presentation which was great to see the same topic, but displayed in different ways. Her post showed different pictures of the trees with a detail description of each. She even did some graphics for the names of the plants and trees. The students of Pt England School are learning great tools for their future in school and as a career tools. I hope they continue with this blog throughout their school experience.

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