Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blog Post #9

What can we learn from Ms. Cassidy?

In the video, First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's class,showed all that is going on in her first grade class. This video featured her students and even had some tell how technology is helping them grow their skills. Ms. Cassidy has her students blogging, skyping, and using wikis.

Big Potential

In the other three videos with Ms. Cassidy, she says," that by allowing her students to blog, it has opened doors and has given the students the chance to meet people all over the world, it has allowed parents to keep track of their child’s writing progress, and gives the students the ability to keep up in the technology driven world." Her students have grew pass first graders using technology and will apply these lesson to everyday.She also explains that she has her students have a permission form signed by their parents. This form lets them know exactly what is gong to be shared online.

I have learned several tools and tips from her and her classroom. She empowers her students and wants them to become a life long learner. Ms. Cassidy said it best when she said technology is here to stay and we must keep learning.


  1. Hello Lauren,

    Ms. Cassidy stated some really important things in the interview videos. I was really impressed with her students and how they were using technology in the classroom. By watching this video, I learned lots of tips from Ms. Cassidy and I plan to use them in my future classroom.

  2. Hey Lauren,
    I also agree with Ms. Cassidy about the fact that technology is here to stay, and that it's our job as teachers to be willing to learn new things, and adjust as technology changes too! I hope to use technology in my classroom someday as well, and I was encouraged by the interview that Ms. Cassidy just started out with blogging at first, and then expanded to other things from there. It was a relief to find out that we can start out small, and then build up to bigger and better things! I enjoyed reading your post. Good luck with the rest of the semester, and the rest of your journey in becoming a teacher!

  3. "Her students have grew pass first graders… What?
    "I have learned several tools and tips from her and her classroom."

    You should tell us what they are for several reasons:
    1. it will confirm that you watched the videos.
    2. It will help your readers decide whether they want to watch the videos.
    3. it will help you remember what you learned.
    4. It will avoid writing a Portable Paragraph. See Writing a Quality Blog Post.

    This post does not fully meet those standards. It could have been written (and probably was) without watching or reflecting on the videos.