Friday, March 28, 2014

Blog Post #10

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

Group Learning

Honestly, by watching this video it was the best sixteen minutes of my day. I am not sure exactly what I should say or where I should start because everything presented from Sir Robinson was of great value. What can I learn from Sir Robinson?

A "Crisis of human resources", the moment he said that, I was wondering where he was going with this. Then he continues by saying that he meets all types of people, dividing them into two groups: ones who endure their job and ones who enjoy it. Now when someone brings up a category (diving people in groups), I always wonder where I would be put. He makes a connection with how this choice would be picked and one explanation would be from education. But sadly the system of education now is not digging deep to help create or find a "person's resources". When the education system fails to dig deep, this potentially affect a student on finding a career they love.

He states, "Every education system in the world is being reformed...and it is not enough." Wow! How accurate is that? We are fixing this "broken record" and trying to make it evolve with the traditional ways of teaching we are accustomed to. He urges throughout this message that the education system needs a revolution, a complete transformation.

Boring Classroom

Another powerful metaphor that Sir Ken Robinson used is, "One is fast food,where everything is standardized... And we have sold ourselves into a fast food model of education." That is such a powerful visual metaphor, where I can image students in a "food process line",and the school system moving students in and out of one grade level and into the next not caring about the actual student, but just the number.

For myself, a future educator, I will cherish the lessons learned from this. I have already saved the video to my computer.


  1. Lauren,
    I love how evident it is that you honestly took this video to heart. You seem so in awe of Ken Robinson, much like I was after I heard what he had to say. I agree with you that his metaphors are ones that stick with you for a long time-I have caught myself saying things about education that I wouldn't normally say and found that Robinson is the reason why. He really got me thinking and he obviously did the same to you! I think you are so right about the school systems just moving students through to the next grade without really assessing whether or not they are ready to move forward. So many students may not be ready, but do they have a choice? Nope. He is right, we NEED a revolution in our system! I thoroughly enjoyed your post and I wish you all the best the rest of the semester!

  2. Lauren,
    I too enjoyed Sir Ken's video on revolutionizing education. I enjoyed your post. Best wishes in EDM310.