Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Post #8

Tools for My Future Classroom

This week's topic is about tools that will be used to teach for the 21st century. After reading the topic at first I was overwhelmed knowing how many options will be out there when I started to look. But I quickly became at ease, because that is great thing, to have a lot of options for my future classrooms. At first I just started looking a tools that Dr. Strange already led us to, such as: Prezi, Blogger, and iCurio. These tools are great, but I needed to find some new ones to add to my personal learning network.

The first website I found and excited to add to my PLN, is Storybird. This website helps create short, art inspired stories. These stories can be read, shared, and printed. Students and Teachers can use a free account to help with assignments, to make beautiful presentations. For teachers, there is just an ease with grading, setup, and rewards. This is an awesome example of a creative short story, What Happened Next Was.

The second site that will be helpful in the classroom is TubeChop. In the classroom I am observing, my teacher loves to play clips to help with her lesson plan. I would love to do the same, but I was wondering how. Well, this website allows me to basically edit scenes from Youtube videos. That way if there is part of a video that I don't like or find a little inappropriate for the classroom I can just chop it out.

These two sources were just some that stood out to me and wanted to share. There are so many options out there nowadays for teachers to use in the classroom. These tools will help keep the students interested in the lesson plans and apply to the project based learning assignments.


  1. Hello Lauren,

    I think these are verywonderful websites for the classroom. I agree that these tools will really keep the students engaged in the lesson and open their minds to many ideas. This will also help them better to understand the things you teach in the classroom.

  2. Storybird has been quite useful to many EDM310 students.

    I am not familiar with TubeChop. I will certainly try it out. Thanks.

  3. Lauren, I agree with you that tools for the future classroom will be a great addition to the classroom. For those who use it now, they will hopefully inspire the “laggers” to catch up with technology and get to work using it in their classes. I’ve been very appreciative of all the sites that I have learned about in EDM310, also, and like you, it only leads me to search for new applications out there in “Tech World.” I went to Storybird and found it is just as useful as you suggested. It was amazing what you could with it and I plan to add it to my PLN as well. Thanks for introducing me to TubeChop – it is pretty easy to edit videos on it, and of course that is something important for use in the classroom, as you pointed out. I found a lot of new teacher friendly sites out there and posted a lot of them in my Blog #8, if you would care to add some more good ones to your PLN. All of the options out there are indeed a lot to take in, but like you, I would like to share what I get my hands on, especially if it is going to be useful to me and others as a teacher. Thanks for the good sites that you shared with us.