Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blog Post 1: "Questions and Concerns for EDM310"

Tears and Fears

Some of the first comments about EDM310 that I heard were "This class is tough" and "Took a lot of time." When at the transfer orientation last summer, I actually signed up for this class. Later I received an email from Dr. Strange and quickly dropped the course. That email gave me concerns about if my HP laptop would be adequate for the course and if I actually was ready to put aside nine hours of my week. A fear I have for this course, is not having enough knowledge of computers that Dr. Strange desires for his students.

Microsoft Office vs. The World

In high school, I took a course called "Business Tech." That course taught me the basics of Microsoft Office, such as: Word, Power Point, Excel and etc. That class was helpful for me to obtain the skills I needed for class's projects but did not teach me more than Office. Than while at Wallace Community College I took CIS, which is a computer course. This course was based on teaching Microsoft Office. So yet again just another course learning the basics of Office programs. Though I haven't been in this class long, I feel that Dr. Strange will prepare me and teach me the skills needed for my professional work after graduation.

The Strange Struggles

Some would say that the projects and the tasks would be the most difficult, but for me would be making sure I turned in my assignments on time. I will need to stay organized and to use the master checklist supplied to me. Along with the master checklist, I will keep a calender and highlight dates and times for due dates. I don't really have questions about this class, so far, Dr. Strange has explained his standards for this course. But I know if I did questions there are multiple resources to help me, such as: graduate students and the internet.


  1. Lauren,

    I also have a giant calendar to help me keep up with due dates. As of now, I have put our mandatory class dates on there and all the sunday due dates just to remind me. I also printed out the checklist so I can check things off as I complete them. Hopefully these baby steps will help keep us well organized. I think another major aspect for this class is using our resources. I have already made sure to get a few people's names in our class and I made sure to put the TA's numbers in my phone.

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I have also heard some of the same comments that you have heard about the class, such as it being time consuming. I am definitely going to keep my class assignment checklist very close to me to keep me on track during the semester. When I heard that EDM310 was computer class, I thought I was going to be learning about Microsoft Office. I soon learned otherwise by Dr. Strange. I too do not have any questions yet, but I am sure that as the semester progress along that I will come across something that I do not understand and need assistance with. I made sure that I wrote down the labs schedule for when those moments come up.

  3. Manage your time well and you should be fine.